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With this upcoming map of HCTeams, we want to make this the most memorable map yet. “Hardcore” Factions has become less and less popular over the past years as its name has been distorted. The last time HCTeams was up was Map 16, over one year ago. The community has changed, and most people perceive HCF as an easy, fast-paced game mode. We don’t want that. We want to bring back the meaning of Hardcore and we believe that we will do that with HCTeams - but we need your help.

I’m not sure how long everyone who is currently in the community has played HCTeams for, but what made it fun was the constant amount of power factions in the map. What we don’t want is the map to die out and become stale. Since the server is made fun by the power factions who play on it, we want to have a direct line of communication with every power faction leader. We will create a chat for power faction leaders where we can discuss crucial issues (more info at the end of the post).


If you guys, the players, want to have fun on HCTeams, then YOU GUYS, THE PLAYERS, will have to do your part as well. What do I mean? Don’t ruin the map for other people.

A few things that ruin maps are: DDoSing, allying, insiding, and factions not rebuilding.

Let’s start with DDoSing. I would like to make it clear that staff will NOT be reviving for any lag outs that are not server side. If a player gets DDoS'd, they WILL NOT be revived.

Here are some suggestions for players to avoid DDoS attacks:

• Use Discord. As much as people are used to Teamspeak, Discord is free and hides your IP. I know many of you guys won’t take this recommendation, but in this community, it is the best option.

• Cover your IP on Teamspeak (for those who don’t want to use Discord): This website is completely free: https://www.ts3.cloud/ts3proxy. For you to use it, you put in the number IP of your Teamspeak server and the port and it will give you a brand new IP to connect through to the Teamspeak - but it connects you through a French OVH proxy. The default Teamspeak Port is 9987, and if you need the IP/Port of the Teamspeak you connect to you can ask your leader / the person that owns the Teamspeak. To get the number ip go to your command prompt and type "ping teamspeakip" (This was taken from J3Wellz's post on the HCT reddit - thanks Robin! This also may not work for some people as this is not the best solution)

• Don’t click on any links you do not know/trust. If you would like to see if a link is an IP logger, use this website: http://www.linkexpander.com/

• Don’t join random servers.

• If you are able to get a new IP, that is the best option.

• Let’s move onto allying. We’re going to make this clear as day - if you ally, you will be banned. We don’t care what faction or player it is. If you are purposely trying to ruin the map for everyone else, you will be removed from the network, and depending on the severity of the situation, the ban will be for the entire map. There is a simple way to avoid this: DON’T ALLY.

•Our stance on insiding has not changed since HCTeams was last up. Players who inside their faction will be PERMANENTLY BANNED - simple as.

• At last, we have factions rebuilding after going raidable. Back when the HCF gamemode was at its prime, factions would go raidable and rebuild. Now, many factions go raidable and instead of rebuilding, they quit the map and disband the faction. This is the opposite of what we want. To combat this issue, we are working on a way on preventing the excessive griefing of bases when factions are raidable.

This Map is what you guys, the community, make it. If you are a power faction LEADER (not co-leader/officer), reply to this post with your faction name, roster, and discord id and I will be adding you to a power faction discord chat on the MineHQ Discord: discord.gg/minehq.

Thank you all for all the support, and we hope everyone has fun this weekend!


Factions playing (30 Man Rosters):

•Dawn (Confirmed)
•Valor (Confirmed)
•Voltage (Confirmed)
•NoLimit (Confirmed)
•NinjaTurtles Confirmed)
•Dragneel (Confirmed)
•Hell (Confirmed)
•Swift (Confirmed)
•Confederates (Confirmed)
•Loyalty (Confirmed)
•Amnesia (Confirmed)
•ABYSS (Confirmed)
•Valkyrie (Confirmed)
•GNG (Confirmed)
•Sacred (Confirmed)
•Resurge (Confirmed)
•Malibu (Confirmed)
•Swift (Confirmed)
•Audi (Confirmed)
•SpaceX (Confirmed)
•Trill (Confirmed)

HCTeams Map 17 will commence on Saturday, July 21st, @ 3PM ET.
The kit will be Protection 3, Sharpness 3, Power 5.
For trailer details and map info, visit www.minehq.com/hct-map17.

We're sorry it took so long, we hope we can make it up to you.

Giveaway: https://twitter.com/MineHQ/status/1019303360191660032

Hey guys! First and foremost, thank you to everyone who showed up to our first UHC game.

The first game wasn't perfect, but that was expected. This was the first time we hosted a large game using brand new infrastructure and when we had over 700 people trying to join at once, things didn't go as planned. Thankfully, we were able to postpone the original game and it went a lot smoother.

There are a few things that I would like to point out right off the bat that we will be fixing for the next game:

- The "invisible border" at 500x500.
- The number of players at the 25x25 border will be a lot less (there were 16).
- The glass on the border will be removed.

There are multiple other issues that we encountered, but those are the main ones.

Now, to clear some stuff up: These games will not have a traditional "Host." Since the server requires CheatBreaker to play, there is no need for a large amount of staff moderating the games. However, there will still be staff members in games to answer players' questions. We will be adding a way to automatically encourage players to fight towards the end of the game so we do not have to manually assign fights.

The UHC game schedule will be live along with statistics as soon as the server has as minimal issues as possible. In the meantime, we will be manually hosting games and tweeting them on our twitter: www.twitter.com/UltraGameFeed.

Thank you for all the support and sorry that it took longer than we expected to get UHC out and rolling. I hope you guys enjoyed the first game.

We've been pretty quiet lately, so I wanted to give you guys a quick update. We're making an extraordinary amount of progress on our side of things. Virtually every internal system on MineHQ is completely new -- from server deployment to our backend systems, we've had to sit back and monitor these to make sure they were functioning as expected. Throughout the last week, we've fixed various small issues on these systems, but things were a lot more stable than we expected.

I should have an announcement for HCTeams soon, as well as some other gamemodes that will be added. Now that CheatBreaker is released, we are aware of the attack vectors that cheaters are using - these are sometimes difficult to predict in advance. There are two components to anticheat: prevention and detection. Prevention is the first layer to stop people from being able to use their cheats to begin with. Detection is simply the detection (and reporting) of the cheating attempt. I will say that a vast majority of the attacks on our system are made by dummies using CheatEngine, and they're queued for bans. It's our position to allow the cheaters to think they are getting away with cheating on CheatBreaker and mass-ban the group of people who think they're not being detected and are ruining everybody's time. In the meantime, please know that if you see a cheater, there's a 99% chance they've been detected and queued for a ban. We don't want to give these cheaters immediate feedback on whether they were detected, so we queue them for a banwave. We haven't yet decided when to do the first full banwave, as we've only been issuing CheatBreaker bans for the most blatant of cheats for the time being.

Additionally, we're continuing to work on issues with people being unable to launch CheatBreaker. We've fixed a number of issues, but there still appears to be a large number of people affected.

Once we've wrapped up our CheatBreaker work, we'll get to announcing HCTeams (shouldn't be too long). Bunkers and UHC should follow suit with release. We've got some exciting stuff coming up, and we'll start going all-in with our advertising efforts once we're fully ready.

Thanks for your support as always <3

As many of you guys know, we "silently" released CheatBreaker to the public yesterday. We did this as quietly as we could without any official announcements or additional marketing efforts from our team. This is because, as with any major release, there are a large amount of issues that will arise - especially when dealing with a wide range of system configurations. We are working around the clock to resolve these issues, and many of them have been resolved already. This is an ongoing process and there is no ETA. If you cannot use the client yet, I'm sorry - please know we are working on it.

MineHQ and CheatBreaker are running entirely new systems that require extensive testing. While we've done our best to test both of these with our staff and friends, this is nothing close to the scale at which our systems are currently expected to run at. We are working to resolve these issues as quickly as possible. Additionally, we're working to get a bug report system on the website to help us quickly aggregate information and solve issues quicker. Things are obviously off to a rough start, but on the bright side, we had ~10K concurrent users on the CheatBreaker Client today - and this number excludes a decent number of players experiencing issues. This is an extraordinary sign of how alive the community really is. Once we have fixed a vast majority of the issues, FrozenOrb will begin its marketing efforts to bringing players back to Minecraft. We'll make it fun again, we promise.

As a human being, I hope that you guys understand that we are trying our absolute best to work through these issues and that this is an extremely stressful and difficult time for us. We are trying our absolute best to keep up with issues and move this network forward. We truly care about this community and we can already see that it is starting to return. We are going to do our absolute best to keep this community alive. Your support for our team who has poured their time and energy into MineHQ and CheatBreaker means a lot more than you think and will go a long way in terms of keeping us motivated and working hard to keep this community alive. We're only human, and we're doing our best.

Thank you so much for your continued support.

**Please do NOT reply to this thread with CheatBreaker issues or any kind of stupid comments or you will be removed from the network. Use the appropriate section for bug reports.**

As we move forward towards the release of MineHQ and CheatBreaker, it's important that we clarify MineHQ's position on cheating.

Many of you who have been around for a long time are aware that Minecraft has the potential to be tons of fun — like it used to be years ago before the cheating problem ruined the community. In that time period, cheating in Minecraft became commonplace to the point where players would always have to second-guess whether the person they were fighting was actually a legitimate player.

As part of our ongoing effort to combat cheating in the Minecraft community, MineHQ will be enacting rules that some may view as overreaching, but we view as necessary for the greater good. Anybody who promotes, associates with, or in any way assists a cheater/cheat will be banned from MineHQ at my staff team's discretion. This includes any kind of promotion or encouragement of cheating activity on any platform. If we find that you are liking, "retweeting", or otherwise endorsing cheating activity or behavior - you will be banned from MineHQ. Permanent CheatBreaker HWID bans may also be issued at my personal discretion.

I ask you to carefully consider trying to cheat on CheatBreaker. Any short-term gain isn’t worth it. Even if you’re not caught immediately, you will certainly be caught in time — and you’ll be permanently HWID/IP banned while the rest of your friends play. We’re giving EVERYBODY a chance to play fair, and we’ve even reset all of our bans and blacklists. Don’t be that guy who thinks he’s going to get away with it just to be banned and unable to play with the rest of your friends - it’s not worth it. CheatBreaker bans cannot be appealed, they can only be reviewed for accuracy - we will NOT remove CheatBreaker bans unless the ban was the result of a false-positive.

As a player, you are NOT permitted to attempt to "test" CheatBreaker's anticheat. You will NOT be unbanned, even if you were "testing" to report an issue to us. If you have a theory or an idea of how to attack our system, you can contact [email protected], but you are not permitted to test on the client itself - this will get you banned.

Due to the highly sensitive nature of anticheat, we won’t be able to provide any information on our anticheat itself or how it works. What we can say is that bans will occur in waves and may be delayed. That means if you see videos of somebody “bypassing” CheatBreaker, chances are that they’re already queued for a ban. We will not be commenting on these matters if they pop up, so if you see something like this, just know we've most likely already got it taken care of.

These rules are for the best of the Minecraft community, and we wouldn’t enact such harsh rules if we didn’t care so much about bringing the game back to what it once was. We hope to have your support in discouraging cheating throughout our community. We have some pretty awesome plans for the future, and we need your help to get there.

Thank you all for your continued support <3

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