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HCTeams EOTW will be taking place this Saturday (8/18) at 3PM EST / 12PM PST.
• 3:00PM: Deathbans will reset, pvp protection will be disabled, lives will be disabled, claims will be removed, & deathbans will last for the conclusion of the map.
• 3:30PM: A 30 minute EOTW capzone will be activated at Spawn.

If any power factions need a bunker, have the leader (and only the leader) join Teamspeak (ts.minehq.com).

After EOTW is capped and the FFA is over, MineHQ will be officially shutting down.

The last Citadel will commence tomorrow (8/11) at 4PM EST / 1PM PST.

For old times sake, the build being used to close off this chapter will be the Citadel from Map 0.5

If any power factions need a base or a rollback to contest, join MineHQ TS (LEADER ONLY).

We hope you all will have fun tomorrow, information on EOTW will be coming soon.

EDIT: Crapples have a 15 second cooldown instead of 5.

This is the time where we are going to be 100% honest with the community.

When everything about Jonathan (itsjhalt) came out, our management team was lost. We didn't know what to say or do. Him resigning from his ownership position was true, he was not behind the scenes. However, we were under the impression that we were going to have 100% access to everything - that turned out to be false. The management team spoke with Jonathan (itsjhalt) one time after everything came out, and it was for only 1-2 hours. After that, we have not been in contact with him since. We aren’t going to get into any specifics on him due to his family’s request. We thought we could run everything without having full access to some key components of development, but it turned out we couldn’t.

There is absolutely no way we can continue operating MineHQ without having full ownership of the company. As of last week, development was halted as we started to come to a conclusion that the future of MineHQ was unknown. That is why there hasn’t been any major updates to games such as Bunkers, SG, Practice, and especially UHC. It’s not that we didn’t want to make the server better or weren’t listening to our players, we were. There were many good updates in progress, but we could not continue under the current circumstances.

For those of you who still believe CheatBreaker is not safe, we can assure you that it is. Every single rumor that claims otherwise is false. We posted an update on the CheatBreaker launcher on July 24th. For a full statement, you can read it there, or ask someone who uses CheatBreaker to screenshot it for you. CheatBreaker will continue to function for as long as it is paid for. There will be no public updates to CheatBreaker in the near future. We had a major update ready to be released to the public as a beta test, but as we said, we could not continue under the current circumstances. We are unaware of the future of CheatBreaker.

The only servers that will be up on MineHQ is going to be Practice and HCTeams.

HCTeams Map 17 will continue until EOTW, we aren’t sure when that will be, but this is most likely going to be the last map, so make the best out of it. We tried bringing it back, but unfortunately that was not made possible after the events that unfolded.

Our team plans on sticking together to give you guys a good server to play on. Whether that means joining an existing network or making one from scratch, we’re going to see what we can do. All that we ask is that you don’t hate us for making this decision. We know you guys like playing, but there is zero chance that this could have continued. There will be a post on our website regarding HCTeams.

Thanks for giving us a chance. We’re sorry.

This is the end of MineHQ as you know it today.

Obviously, the first Citadel did not go as planned. Factions all went to knock at around 5 minutes, and fully got on cap at around 3-2 minutes. Because of this, we had around 150 players fighting in a 5x5 area. The server lagged tremendously, due to this tremendous lag we are resetting Citadel.

Citadel will be reactivated at 5:15PM EST (in ~10 mins).

Congratulations to NinjaTurtles on the first Citadel cap.

Thank you all for an amazing first few days of HCTeams Map 17.

We've fixed many issues and would like to keep you all in the loop.

- Factions now lose 0 .75 DTR in Nether instead of 1.00
- Deathbans are working properly.
- Lives are working properly.
- Many minor issues not worth mentioning.
- We are currently in the process of adding a limit on how many bards, archers, and rogues a faction can have at the same time.

Now, moving on to the main issue of the map: DDoSing.

We have specifically stated that DDoSing was not going to be our issue, and for the most part, we stuck to that rule with one exception: Dragneel. In the fight where Dragneel got DDoS'd, there was no doubt in our mind that they had a chance to win the fight, or atleast make it out alive. However, well over 3 of their members got DDoS'd at the very start of the fight and continued well into the fight. After that fight, there was solid evidence that someone was infact involved in DDoSing players, and that person has been blacklisted.

Another example that I want to give was when a faction was fighting and they were on 1 DTR and one of their members got DDoS'd (while they were on 1 DTR). We did not roll back this faction, because our Head Staff team could not certainly say that they would have gotten out alive, because they probably wouldn't.

We are still not reviving anyone who died to DDoS, however, if a faction gets booted and goes raidable, we will consider our options. The last thing we want is for factions to quit because of something that is out of anyone's control. This will only be dealt with by Head Staff and there will have to be solid proof for us to do anything major about it (multiple POVs, raw video footage of comms, etc). We will take many things into affect, so if someone dies with no pots mid kite on 1 DTR and they claimed to have gotten DDoS'd, then we simply will not believe that.

Thank you all guys for the continuous support. We'll post info on this weekend's events later on today.

Before getting started, I would like to point out that this post will be constantly updated throughout the weekend with fixes/changes we've made and issues we've encountered.

Thank you all for an amazing Start of the World. At the start, our players' connections were affected and the network was not able to hold past ~2.5k players. Therefore, the server stayed at a steady 2.2k-2.5k players for a few hours. We apologize for that and are working on a fix.

Going onto the HCTeams side of things: since this was the first map we have done in over a year, we knew there would be issues. We can only test so much without a large player base. We noticed that caves were not in the map. There was an issue with the world generation and we only noticed when everyone started telling us. There are still mineshafts, and spawners can be found in them. Ores are doubled because of this. We're sorry that this happened and if needed, we will sell spawners at the shop instead of Crowbars - we'll play it by ear.

Below are some of the things that have been changed upon reboot at 8PM EST:

•Fast smelt has been decreased significantly.

•Glistering melons require eight gold nuggets instead of one now.

•You can no longer enchant Fire Aspect swords - those are now disabled and the sword's enchant will be disabled upon hitting a player.

•Lives are now properly deducted upon using them.

•Players can no longer break nether road.

•We are looking into server performance and will be messing around with the slots.

The first KOTH of the map will be tomorrow at 2PM EST. The KOTH will be Corrupted (/f who Corrupted).

We're sorry these issues occurred, but thank you for your continuous support <3.


•Reverted Glistering melons back to 1 gold nugget

•Fixed Miner Perks (will make a post about this to explain what it is for those asking when I wake up)

•Fixed Mobs not stacking

•Various performance updates

•Chat updates (won't get rekt for slowchat in chat channels that aren't public)

First of all, we're sorry we have kept you guys in the dark. That is going to change. Expect our staff to be a lot more active on updating you guys, replying to suggestions, and keeping everyone in the loop.

We've seen some very good suggestions on the forums over the past few days and decided to give a few updates.

•Horses will be enabled, however, they have been drastically nerfed.
•A discord chat has been created with all the power faction leaders.
•Fishing rods will not interact with players.
•There will be a build (height) limit within the warzone, this will be removed on the last week of the map for factions to make EOTW bunkers.
•The Enderdragon will be in the end on SOTW - the person who kills it will be receiving a rank, and the egg of course :)
•We will keep the rule that if you inside, you will be permanently banned at staff discretion.

Keep the suggestions coming - we're listening!

Oh yeah... forgot something: EOTW winners will receive a custom CheatBreaker cape, The cape will last until another HCTeams EOTW winner is crowned. The capper will also receive a rank for next map!

In light of recent allegations Jonathan Halterman (itsjhalt) has been forced to resign from his position at FrozenOrb and CheatBreaker.

FrozenOrb's management team is 100% committed to hearing our players' concerns. Thus, we have launched an internal investigation to further our search into a permanent solution. Moving forward our plan is to run the network without the former owner. Currently, the management team has taken the initiative to completely exhaust Jonathan’s access to CheatBreaker and FrozenOrb material. We want to give a huge thank you to the community for being patient while we continue to investigate the matter.

Having said that, we want to assure you that CheatBreaker is entirely safe. There are checks and balances in place that make sure that one person cannot possibly adjust the service in such a manner that would compromise the security of the client and the anti-cheat component.

Our team is devoted to give you a cheater free, enjoyable, and fun experience. In the last 24 hours alone, we have banned over 2,000 cheaters and will continue our efforts in keeping the community clean.

The MineHQ Network will continue with the special release of HCTeams Map 17 on Saturday at 3PM ET.

We're sorry this happened. We are just as confused as most of you are right now, but please, give us a chance.

For those of you asking if Jonathan (itsjhalt) is still profiting from FrozenOrb - the answer is no. The paypal has been changed on the Buycraft and payments are going to me.

With this upcoming map of HCTeams, we want to make this the most memorable map yet. “Hardcore” Factions has become less and less popular over the past years as its name has been distorted. The last time HCTeams was up was Map 16, over one year ago. The community has changed, and most people perceive HCF as an easy, fast-paced game mode. We don’t want that. We want to bring back the meaning of Hardcore and we believe that we will do that with HCTeams - but we need your help.

I’m not sure how long everyone who is currently in the community has played HCTeams for, but what made it fun was the constant amount of power factions in the map. What we don’t want is the map to die out and become stale. Since the server is made fun by the power factions who play on it, we want to have a direct line of communication with every power faction leader. We will create a chat for power faction leaders where we can discuss crucial issues (more info at the end of the post).


If you guys, the players, want to have fun on HCTeams, then YOU GUYS, THE PLAYERS, will have to do your part as well. What do I mean? Don’t ruin the map for other people.

A few things that ruin maps are: DDoSing, allying, insiding, and factions not rebuilding.

Let’s start with DDoSing. I would like to make it clear that staff will NOT be reviving for any lag outs that are not server side. If a player gets DDoS'd, they WILL NOT be revived.

Here are some suggestions for players to avoid DDoS attacks:

• Use Discord. As much as people are used to Teamspeak, Discord is free and hides your IP. I know many of you guys won’t take this recommendation, but in this community, it is the best option.

• Cover your IP on Teamspeak (for those who don’t want to use Discord): This website is completely free: https://www.ts3.cloud/ts3proxy. For you to use it, you put in the number IP of your Teamspeak server and the port and it will give you a brand new IP to connect through to the Teamspeak - but it connects you through a French OVH proxy. The default Teamspeak Port is 9987, and if you need the IP/Port of the Teamspeak you connect to you can ask your leader / the person that owns the Teamspeak. To get the number ip go to your command prompt and type "ping teamspeakip" (This was taken from J3Wellz's post on the HCT reddit - thanks Robin! This also may not work for some people as this is not the best solution)

• Don’t click on any links you do not know/trust. If you would like to see if a link is an IP logger, use this website: http://www.linkexpander.com/

• Don’t join random servers.

• If you are able to get a new IP, that is the best option.

• Let’s move onto allying. We’re going to make this clear as day - if you ally, you will be banned. We don’t care what faction or player it is. If you are purposely trying to ruin the map for everyone else, you will be removed from the network, and depending on the severity of the situation, the ban will be for the entire map. There is a simple way to avoid this: DON’T ALLY.

•Our stance on insiding has not changed since HCTeams was last up. Players who inside their faction will be PERMANENTLY BANNED - simple as.

• At last, we have factions rebuilding after going raidable. Back when the HCF gamemode was at its prime, factions would go raidable and rebuild. Now, many factions go raidable and instead of rebuilding, they quit the map and disband the faction. This is the opposite of what we want. To combat this issue, we are working on a way on preventing the excessive griefing of bases when factions are raidable.

This Map is what you guys, the community, make it. If you are a power faction LEADER (not co-leader/officer), reply to this post with your faction name, roster, and discord id and I will be adding you to a power faction discord chat on the MineHQ Discord: discord.gg/minehq.

Thank you all for all the support, and we hope everyone has fun this weekend!


Factions playing (30 Man Rosters):

•Dawn (Confirmed)
•Valor (Confirmed)
•Voltage (Confirmed)
•NoLimit (Confirmed)
•NinjaTurtles Confirmed)
•Dragneel (Confirmed)
•Hell (Confirmed)
•Swift (Confirmed)
•Confederates (Confirmed)
•Loyalty (Confirmed)
•Amnesia (Confirmed)
•ABYSS (Confirmed)
•Valkyrie (Confirmed)
•GNG (Confirmed)
•Sacred (Confirmed)
•Resurge (Confirmed)
•Malibu (Confirmed)
•SpaceX (Confirmed)
•Trill (Confirmed)
•Asgard (Confirmed)
•Fear (Confirmed)
•Inferno (Confirmed)
•AUdemons (Confirmed)
•Polymorphic (Confirmed)
•Ambition (Confirmed)
•Myth (Confirmed)
•RapidRaidz (Confirmed)

HCTeams Map 17 will commence on Saturday, July 21st, @ 3PM ET.
The kit will be Protection 3, Sharpness 3, Power 5.
For trailer details and map info, visit www.minehq.com/hct-map17.

We're sorry it took so long, we hope we can make it up to you.

Giveaway: https://twitter.com/MineHQ/status/1019303360191660032

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